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Welcome to the Curriculum page, if you would like any further information please get in touch with us.



Pupils arrive at NEECA with a range of reading, writing and literacy needs.  After completing an English baseline during their induction period,  our English teachers are able to make an accurate assessment of each pupil’s needs; these difficulties are then addressed within our programme of study.


Our programme of study is ambitious and ensures our pupils are able to access the same qualifications as their peers in mainstream school. 


Our aim is to ensure pupils leave here with the skills needed to either transition back into mainstream education or to achieve the qualifications required that will enable them to move into Post-16 provision of their choice.



We follow the English National Curriculum at KS3 and exam specifications for AQA Step Up, AQA GCSE English Language, AQA GCSE English Literature and Cambridge IGCSE.


Our KS3 programme of study is approached in a thematic way and offers pupils the opportunity to study a wide range of literature and the chance to write in a variety of forms. Spoken language opportunities are woven throughout.


All English teachers at NEECA are subject specialists and we participate in relevant subject and exam CPD events.  Our lessons start with a ‘Do Now’ activity and we share the learning intention with the pupils.  Learner understanding is checked throughout the lessons and feedback is given in a constructive manner. We follow the: ‘I do, we do, you do’ model when new material or concepts are introduced. Assessment is used to inform future teaching.



At KS3, pupils return to mainstream school with a greater understanding of the skills needed to succeed in a mainstream English classroom.


At KS4, pupils leave with qualifications in English which gives them the chance to study a wide range of college courses or apprenticeships. Our pupils leave NEECA equipped to use English effectively in the world of work. 



CIE English Language IGCSE

AQA English Language GCSE

AQA English Literature GCSE

AQA English Step Up (silver - EL2 and gold - EL3)


AQA Unit Award Scheme throughout KS3 and KS4.



We encourage students to be careful with their language choices in order to establish a safe and respectful environment.  All students are given the tools to accurately explain their emotional and mental well-being which in turn allows the school to better cater to their specific needs



Reading is at the heart of our English curriculum.  We read texts such as: fiction, non-fiction, plays and poetry.  We have a new library where pupils can go to read books, magazines and newspapers during their lesson and break times. 


We offer a range of reading interventions for those pupils that are identified as needing extra support: Reading Plus, Guided/paired rearing and the Conquering Literacy Programme. We also look forward to using ‘Thinking Reading’ as an intervention strategy.


We support reading in the classroom with a range of strategies including: reading around the word, breaking down the word, pre-teaching new vocabulary and using prior knowledge. Teachers read aloud to pupils to support and model reading fluency.  Students are encouraged to read aloud whenever possible.


Outline of Virtual Curriculum Offer

Pupils who access our Virtual Curriculum are taught through Google Classroom where appropriate work is set and marked.  



At KS3 English is assessed using 9-1 fine grading for Reading and Writing at and pass/merit/distinction for Spoken Language.


KS4 is assessed using  AQA mark schemes and the raw mark is converted into 9-1 fine grading. 


There are summative assessments at the end of each unit (usually half termly) and opportunities for continuous assessment throughout the programme of study. 


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