We offer maths at both KS3 and KS4. All students are given a baseline upon entry where we identify strengths and weaknesses. Baseline results are then used to inform subsequent work with regular formative feedback from the maths teachers. All students follow a programme of study which allows them an opportunity to develop their skills in mathematics to improve their confidence and competence. We use a range of qualifications to prepare students for a return to mainstream schooling or to move on to further education or work.


KS3 Mathematics

At KS3 the course is based around the National Curriculum. We follow a programme of roughly one topic per term so that the students can study in depth. Feedback is given in terms of Developing, Securing and Mastering each topic at Grades consistent with the new 9-1 Grading System.


KS4 Mathematics

The aim is to prepare students with a qualification to support them when they move on from NEECA. We offer most students several pathways to qualification as detailed below.


GCSE Maths

The aim for the vast majority of our students in Year 11 (and occasionally in Year 10) is to achieve a Grade from 9 to 1 in the new GCSE. We currently enter students for the Edexcel iGCSE 9-1 which is examined by two 2 hour calculator papers in May/June each year. This course allows the flexibility of January entry in Year 11 which a number of our students have used successfully to boost their results. At Foundation Level the course is split: 25% Number, 25% Ratio, 20% Algebra, 15% Statistics, 15% Geometry and Measures. At Higher Level the course is split: 15% Number, 20% Ratio, 30% Algebra, 15% Statistics, 20% Geometry and Measures.


Functional Skills Maths

Functional skills is available at both Level 1 and Level 2. This is a flexible course which examines through a highly contextual single paper. This assessment can be taken at any time of the year and largely looks at Number skills. Students find this a useful addendum to their GCSE and students who achieve Level 1 can then go on to attempt Level 2 to boost their chances post-16. There is also an Entry Level option for those students who cannot access the GCSE.


Edexcel Award in Maths

We have a small number of students who enter for Level 1 or Level 2 in either Number, Statistics or Algebra (L2 only) where appropriate.

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