Resistant Materials

KS3 Curriculum

In design and technology, pupils gain and apply knowledge and understanding of:

  • Existing products

  • Materials and components and recognising new materials and processes, and identifying their potential uses

  • Mechanisms and control systems

  • Health, hygiene and safety in school and in the home

  • Single and quality production techniques, including the focus on quality assurance

  • Electronic and communications technology

  • Products that were made include: key rings, steady hand ball bearings game, model aircraft and cars with electronic circuits, and jewellery box


KS4 Curriculum

In KS4, students started their coursework for GCSE.

The main areas are:

  • Identifying a problem and possible solutions

  • Developing ideas

  • Planning

  • Communicating ideas

  • Producing quality products

  • Evaluating processes and products

In the design and making task, students are expected to;

  • Find and select information that informs and classifies the task

  • Design and meet a set of criteria

  • Select material according to their working characteristics

  • Show an understanding of the situation in which their design will function

  • Use tools and equipment with precision

  • Discuss with users the design criteria and how their design meets them

  • Consider the environmental impact of their design and justify the use of materials

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