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We value Science for All because it teaches us how the world works and our place in the world. An appreciation of science allows us to make informed decisions throughout our lives including our relationships, roles and responsibilities in society.


From an understanding of the human body and the care it needs to be healthy and well, to our responsibility towards the natural environment we explore scientific ideas and develop knowledge and understanding through enquiry and experimentation. Practical investigations, games, modelling and discussion provide a stimulating, engaging, safe and inclusive learning environment which challenges all our students and fosters their curiosity.


We start where our students are and aim to develop scientific awareness, and critical thinking as well as confidence and communication skills. By reference to topical news, workshops and real-life situations we open minds to the possibility of future employment opportunities in the world of science.


We seek to re-engage pupils whatever their backgrounds or learning needs and provide continuity both for students moving through the school and those returning to a mainstream provision.



We are aware that our students will have gaps in their learning and may have disengaged from science. We meet them where they are, assess their starting point and seek to build practical and academic confidence so that all students see themselves as competent in the science classroom.


Our Science curriculum at NEECA has been designed to ensure that skills and knowledge are of equal importance. The curriculum is designed around key concepts as shown in our curriculum map.


Students in year 7-9 are introduced to a breadth of core principles and develop an understanding of the foundation knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics. This core knowledge and the scientific skills developed and used are extended when year 10s and 11s study GCSE Biology.



We see Science as an opportunity for all students to explore ideas in a structured way. They develop confidence, enjoyment and transferable skills as well as an understanding of themselves and the wider world. Current world issues such as space exploration, climate change, health and use of resources are all addressed in the science classroom.


All students in key stage 4 who study science at NEECA have the opportunity to gain a GCSE in Biology. This allows these students to gain places in education, employment and training in the future.





During lesson time we encourage pupils to be safe and respectful to others, remembering to think carefully about their conduct and choice of language. Topics which may lead to discussions of a safeguarding nature such as human reproduction, contraception and drug use, are handled thoughtfully and empathetically, and any disclosures which emerge are dealt with through the safeguarding policy.



AQA Biology course textbook. (A digital version is provided for all KS4 students)


AQA Biology revision book (Is provided to all KS4 students)


Outline of Virtual Curriculum Offer

Pupils who access our Virtual Curriculum are taught through Google classroom with a live lesson presenting slide shows and using google docs, jamboards to allow students to access the lessons. Where possible we use a visualizer to demonstrate practicals. This is a  way to aid in the students' understanding of the content being delivered



End of topic tests.


Formative marking of work.


Questions within the lesson.


Required practical assessments (GCSE biology).


End of year examinations and mocks


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