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Careers Charter

At NEECA we uphold the values of We Listen, We care, We Succeed. We believe that it is crucial to prepare young people for life beyond school, with a career education that will inspire students to plan for a future that is ambitious, happy and successful. To give students the confidence to investigate that future and the skills to make that future a reality. 

Your Careers programme will:


  • help you to understand yourself and your interests. 

We will give you impartial, up to date career guidance to help you explore your interests. Then use these connections to inform your choices and be ambitious about your future. We will teach you to balance work and life and see how your career fits in with your local community. 


  • inform you about the range of options available to you post 16.

We will introduce you to local employers, education and training providers. We will experience career learning through trips, events, workplaces and enrichment activities through a careers programme that has you at the centre. We will give you access to a range of career information, resources and local labour market information to help you investigate potential careers. 


  • develop the skills you need for work. 

We will support you to make applications for further education and work. We will help you to develop employability skills, write a CV and develop interview techniques. We will look at careers in local industries, encourage you to challenge stereotypes and teach you how to manage your career by making opportunities and learning from setbacks. 


  • show you that what you are learning in your subjects, links to a range of possible careers.

We will learn about apprenticeships and careers in each subject and the importance of English, Maths and STEM subjects. We will explore a range of career and education possibilities that are linked to your subjects. We will use these to inform your choices for options and college courses and learn about entry requirements for further education, higher education, apprenticeships and traineeships. 

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