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Art and Design

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Art Supply


As in any other learning environment pupils enter the department with different Art experiences and skill levels. As a department we see it as our role to help ‘bridge the gap’ as well as providing opportunities for pupils to be appropriately challenged.


Our programme of study introduces pupils to the ‘Art formal elements’ which are developed and embedded throughout the course.


Pupils will study a variation of project themes which encourage them to think creatively, imaginatively and take risks - whilst being reassured that it's ‘Ok to make mistakes’ this builds - upon the pupils confidence and resilience. Skills that are valuable and experienced through our everyday lives. 



KS3 pupils follow projects that are taught based on the requirements of the ‘ Art National Curriculum’. Pupils will follow a programme of two and three dimensional activities designed to develop visual and contextual literacy as well as an understanding of - and good practice in - exploring media, processes and techniques.


Students can opt to further their study in Art at KS4. Here we follow the AQA GCSE - Fine Art course.

The course is divided into 2 components:

Component 1 - Portfolio. Pupils are required to complete 2 full projects

Component 2 - Timed Exam including supporting prep work.

The weighting for each component is coursework 60% and the times exam 40%.


Pupils are guided to fulfil the following assessment objectives which are required to be completed for both components.

A01 - Develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating critical understanding ideas of sources


A02 - Refine work by exploring ideas, selecting and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes


A03- Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to intentions as work progresses


A04- Present a personal and meaningful response that realises intentions and demonstrates understanding of visual language.

For some pupils who enjoy Art and want to learn new skills, GCSE can feel overwhelming. We may suggest the option for pupils to achieve AQA certificates which follow shorter projects of varied themes. On completion of the certificates students can work towards building a portfolio of work with the aim to exhibit at the end of year 11.



At KS3 pupils return to mainstream school with a greater understanding of the Art ‘Formal Elements’ and the confidence to succeed in art.


At KS4 pupils will leave with a qualification in Art & Design which provides them with the opportunity to either further their studies in the ‘Arts’ or study a wide range of other college courses or apprenticeships. 



AQA Art & Design - Fine Art.


AQA Unit Award Scheme through KS4



During lesson time we encourage pupils to be safe and respectful to others, remembering to think carefully about their conduct and choice of language.


The beauty of Art is that there are opportunities to explore many different processes and techniques, some with the need to use specialised equipment. We make it paramount that pupils are taught Health and Safety precautions and act in a sensible manner prior to using new equipment.



Whilst Art and Design does not require the need for vast amounts of reading we do encourage pupils to research artists’ or historical content.  It is imperative that pupils learn keywords and their definitions to help develop their subject knowledge as well developing their use of vocabulary.


Outline of Virtual Curriculum Offer

Pupils who access our Virtual Curriculum are taught through Google classroom. They follow the programme of study appropriate to their year group, however some lessons are bespoke depending on the project and materials available.



At KS3, during the project being delivered pupils are assessed at appropriate intervals. This is achieved through various activities and pupils are encouraged to assess their own work as well as the work of their peers. A teacher summative assessment will be provided with verbal feedback.


KS4 are assessed against the AQA mark scheme and the raw mark is converted into a 9-1 fine grading. Verbal feedback is given throughout and work is assessed accordingly - mainly when an assessment objective(s) has been fully completed.


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