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Pupils at NEECA are taught a business curriculum that is varied, holistic and practical which empowers students to be proactive, creative and confident in their work. This is designed not only to stretch and challenge them in their studies but also create transferable skills to be used in the workplace and further study.


Year 10 begins by exploring what business is and why businesses are formed. Students are introduced to the language and dynamic nature of business. Beginning with different company formations and the aims and objectives of both profit and not for profit organisations.


Year 11 students will understand the need and purpose of different business operations including human resources, marketing and finance. Students will be able to identify how business objectives are separated into the appropriate business functions to achieve overall company aims.


At the end of the two year course, students will complete the AQA GCSE Business qualification and there are also opportunities to complete AQA unit awards in related subjects.



Students have four lessons per week, in an environment that supports learning and celebrates success. Class work is assessed to show progress and encourage improvement, application and wider thinking.


Students are asked to apply all new knowledge to a business idea of their own to encourage entrepreneurship and show progression in their holistic understanding.


Lessons begin with a recall activity for subject content and subject specific language. For new students this gives an opportunity to teach any missing knowledge as well as scaffolding learning and checking the understanding to date.


Lessons then deliver new content in adaptive formats in readiness for summative assessment.



Students who return to mainstream school, do so with the understanding of the business environment, marketing, basic economics, human resources and enterprise. So that they have the skills needed to continue studying business at GCSE, BTEC and Cambridge qualifications which are offered in the local area.


Students who remain at NEECA for year 11, leave with a qualification that can lead to further study at college, to join the workplace or become a business owner.



AQA GCSE Business

AQA Unit Awards



We encourage students to be respectful of their environment and to work politely and courteously. We ask students to consider their choices to establish a safe and respectful environment and offer support to achieve in class and in school.


All students are given the opportunities and tools to explain their emotional and mental well-being which in turn allows the school to better cater to their specific needs.



Students apply their knowledge and understanding to different business case studies. These range from small enterprises to large multinationals and businesses operating in local, national and global contexts.


Students develop an understanding of how these contexts impact on business behaviour and affect business decision making. They present their findings as descriptions, analysis and recommendations.


Outline of Virtual Curriculum Offer

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At the end of the two year course, students will complete the AQA GCSE Business qualification and there are also opportunities to complete AQA unit awards in related subjects.

Teaching and formative assessment follows the AQA scheme of work to enable students to return to school with the knowledge and understanding to join their peer group and continue their learning journey.


The GCSE assessment comprises two exams, equally weighted at 50% of the final grade. Both exam papers are in three sections and are in the same format.

Section 1 is assessed through short answer and multichoice questions and asks for statements and descriptions.

Section 2 & 3 have either a case study or data response stimuli with questions for analysis and evaluation.

Both are graded 9 -1.


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