Art, Craft and Design


In KS3 the Art Department offers an opportunity for students to be creative in two and three dimensions, using a variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, printing, collage, clay, papier mache and ceramics.  Work is theme based, and in year 9, students from September 2018 onwards, will be assessed within the four areas of assessment as the GCSE in Art, Craft & Design.

When the opportunity arises, KS3 students visit local galleries, such as Firstsite in Colchester, The Tower at Walton-on-the Naze, plus cross curricular field trips. Firstsite gallery also offers workshops connected to the visit, to allow the students to create art work influenced from the artist(s) exhibiting.

Most Art students at KS4, work towards achieving a GCSE in Art, Craft and Design (Edexcel). Students explore materials and ideas in depth, within four main assessment objectives, which are developing ideas, linked with exploring the work of other artists, experimentation of materials, recording work in journals and producing final pieces from their studies. Planning is aimed at each individual, to form bespoke tasks to relate to their strenghts.

KS4 students have the opportunity to take part in gallery visits and different events to broaden their experience of the arts. Occasionally we employ working artists who come into the school for specific workshops.

The department is planning to offer The Arts Award to students where it is more appropriate, for those who are unable to access the GCSE. We aim to promote enthusiasm and independent skills throughout all key stages. These students will be supported equally in the development of their skills and ideas.



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