Update from Colchester Institute - Online enrolment

I hope you are well and are enjoying your summer!! At Colchester Institute, we have been working behind the scenes to create a fully online enrolment process to support social distancing. As GCSE results day is now rapidly approaching, I am sharing this with you. Hopefully this will help you to answer questions that your students may ask you, and it will give you the information you need to support your students as they transition to Colchester Institute.

There are 4 main steps to the enrolment process:

  1. Applicant must upload their GCSE Results and a photo of themselves for their ID card from the 20th August. We will send them the link to upload these on the morning of the 20th. Depending on how they will receive their results, they can either take a photo or a screenshot and save this to their device.

  2. Course tutors will review GCSE results and confirm any offer of place. An email will then be sent to the applicant with a link to sign back into their account to fully complete their enrolment. *If the applicant does not meet entry requirements, they may be referred to an advice day at this point.

  3. Applicant must log back into their account, answer extra enrolment questions, sign their privacy notice and student declaration to fully complete their enrolment.

  4. An email will later be sent to the applicant to confirm that their enrolment has been successful. This will include details of their first day at college and will tell them where they need to go, what they need to bring and any kit/equipment lists (if applicable).

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