The Risk-Avert programme

Dear Parents/Carers

During this academic year we will be running the Risk-Avert programme in school. The programme aims to educate,inform and reduce risk-taking amongst young people and support young people who may be experiencing difficulties with their emotional health and well-being.

The programme has been developed by The Training Effect, a consultancy service provider to councils across the UK.

The project is focused on early intervention and prevention. We do not expect many young people to be engaging in these behaviours at this age; however, the project is about supporting young people to make positive choices as they

get older.

All pupils will be asked to complete a short survey before the end of this half term. The survey will ask them about their experience of a range of issues including internet safety, friendships, emotional health and any risk taking experience they may have been exposed to socially, including alcohol or smoking.

Once we have received the results of the survey, we will run a six session programme to educate them about risk-taking and offer support to help them make positive choices as they get older, or a programme focused on emotional health and well-being.

At this stage we are inviting parents to inform us if they are not happy for their child to take part in this survey and/or project by Friday 24th September 2021. If we do not hear back from you by 24th September we will assume

that you give permission for your child to take part.

For any further information on the project please contact Ms Lugger or Mrs Phoenix at NEECA.

Further details for The Training Effect can be found at and further details on Risk-Avert

can be found here

Yours faithfully

Mrs S Phoenix Ms H Lugger

Temp Head of KS3 Head of Humanities

Risk-Avert Programme
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